I love making useful pots that bring beauty to our daily routines.  As more people try to make ecological and ethical consumer choices, locally made pottery is a great choice.  A well made pot can remind its user that each moment is special.  A nice piece of pottery can raise a simple moment into one of celebration.  

Nature plays a big part in my work.  Living in the Gatineau Hills, I love being able to see the stars and moon and to enjoy the river as it parades by.  And the trees that greet me on my walks - singing their songs with the wind and reminding me to breathe.    

My pieces are handcrafted by me from start to finish.  I love the process of throwing on the wheel and then the cathartic step of trimming a piece to articulate its final shape.  I then use slips and underglazes to add a carving surface where I explore contrast and design.  After the first firing (bisque), I wax over the carved surfaces and allow for the matt tones of the slips to contrast with the shiny glazed surfaces.   

All the colourful glazes I use are food safe. I fire my pots in an electric kiln to cone 6, often with both my fingers and toes crossed.  I am always offered a surprise or two when I open the kiln.  

All the pottery is dishwasher and microwave safe.  Please handle with care, as one good hit can cause your pots to leak. 


J'adore faire des pots utiles qui apportent de la beauté à nos routines quotidiennes. Dans un monde qui tente de se reconnecter aux objets, la poterie est un pont entre le fabricant et le consommateur. Un pot bien fait peut rappeler à son utilisateur que chaque moment est précieux et même transformer un moment simple en un moment de fête. 

La nature joue un grand rôle dans mon travail. Vivant dans les collines de la Gatineau, j'aime admirer les étoiles et la lune et profiter de la rivière qui défile. Les arbres me saluent lors de mes promenades - chantant leurs chansons avec le vent et me rappelant de respirer. 

Mes pièces sont faites à la main et j’en suis l’unique créatrice du début à la fin. J'adore l’étape du façonnage de mes pots sur le tour et puis l'étape thérapeutique d’enlever l’excédent d’une pièce pour lui donner sa forme finale. J'utilise ensuite des barbotines et des sous-glaçures pour leur ajouter une surface de sculpture où je peux explorer les contrastes et les designs. Après la première cuisson (bisque), j’applique une cire sur les surfaces sculptées du pot pour permettre aux tons mats de contraster avec la partie glacée de la pièce. 

Toutes les glaçures colorées que j'utilise sont sans danger pour les aliments. Je cuis mes pots dans un four électrique à une température de cône 6. Souvent, avec mes doigts et mes orteils croisés, j’ai toujours des surprises en ouvrant le four. 

Toute ma poterie va au lave-vaisselle et au micro-ondes. Veuillez la manipuler avec soin, car un bon coup peut faire fuir vos pots. 

Bhajan in her studio


As a maker, the process of throwing on the wheel, followed by the cathartic step of trimming a piece to articulate its shape, is deeply pleasurable and quietly humbling. I am constantly in awe of the shapes that reveal themselves through me. Using slips and underglazes, I add carved surfaces to explore contrast and design as a play of creation. I wax resist the carved surfaces of the pot to allow for the vibrant matt tones of the slips to contrast with the glossy glazed section. The pots are then fired in an electric kiln to cone 6 - often with my fingers and toes crossed - and I am always offered a moment of veneration upon opening the kiln. 

All of the pieces are made on the wheel with stoneware clay, ensuring their extra strength and beauty. As well as having been crafted using food-safe glazes, this means your new pottery is both dishwasher and microwave safe. 

Each and every pot that you purchase has been thrown, trimmed, painted, carved, fired, glazed and re-fired by one solitary potter working away in her potting studio beside the Gatineau River in Quebec. To create a beautiful piece of useful art from a handful of clay, feels like both a joy and a privilege, one that I feel most blessed to be able to share with my family, friends and clients.

Thank you for celebrating the joy of heart-felt and hand-made creations. May you feel your heart lift and your soul sing while sipping on a warm tonic from one of the mugs, or nibbling your snacks from a one-of-a-kind plate while resting in the moment. May you continuing feeding the inner flame, following the sacred threads, always.