Bhajan Pottery

My pieces are handcrafted by me from start to finish.  I love the process of throwing on the wheel and then the cathartic step of trimming a piece to articulate its final shape.  I then use slips and underglazes to add a carving surface where I explore contrast and design.  After the first firing (bisque), I wax over the carved surfaces and allow for the matt tones of the slips to contrast with the shiny glazed surfaces.  

Useful and Beautiful

Gatineau Hills

Gatineau Hills

Inspired by these ancient hills and fertile valleys that surround the studio,... 

Mugs & Tumblers

Mugs & Tumblers

To have and to hold, to cup and to sip. Mugs are... 

  • The Gatineau Hills

    Where I live inspires my work. The river, the hills, the white pines. They all play a part in my work.

  • Flowers

    During the first months of our dreary lockdown, I was inspired to create a riot of joy by coating my pots in joyful colours and decorating them with flowers of all kinds.

  • Farms and Food

    Wakefield is surrounded by marvellous farms and farmers. I am so inspired by the glorious veggies we are able to buy locally. Somehow this delight migrated onto the surfaces of my pots.